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Our gear units go beyond expectations, they are designed to resist intense application cycles in the mining industry. There are a couple of features of our product range that includes a guaranteed long life and resistance to torque peaks. All the accessories can be used to ensure a perfect and simple assembly on the system.

The name Hudaco Power Transmission is synonymous with high quality. Our products utilise the latest technology and are designed for long life with minimum maintenance requirements.

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Steel Industry

Over the years, we have gained vast knowledge and deep understanding on the distinctive applications of gears and gearboxes in several industries. We cautiously design our gears and gearboxes to suite our customers industry specific application. One such industry for which we have been designing, engineering and supplying high performance gear system is the steel industry.

Our products are extensively used for their exceptional operational performance, flexibility and reliability in the steel industry. We bring you several makes and models of gear systems that ensure long lasting and hassle-free performance in any critical applications pertaining to the steel industry.

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steel industry gearboxes
Waste Water

Waste Water

We provide power transmission solutions for Waste Water applications.

We run our Wastewater treatment plants efficiently and reliably for 24 hours, 365 days of the year under severe conditions. Some applications have high speeds and loads being transmitted on the gearbox which can be partially submerged. These lend themselves to our Industrial gearbox range with special sealing and remote maintenance access.

Many of the processes involved are often located in remote, unmanned, outdoor satellite locations where downtime is costly and also inconvenient. We understand that drive solutions need to deliver the lowest possible life cycle cost whilst maintaining the highest level of performance.

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From manufacturing processes, simple packaging machines to complex machinery, the range of industrial operations that rely on a multitude of smaller components is incredibly diverse. Every factory and distribution centre rely on all these parts to conduct their operations, while engineering plants and agricultural systems wouldn’t even exist without them.

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manufacturing automotive gears
food beverages industrial gearboxes

Food & Beverages

It is important to have reliable machinery for high volume production lines where downtime can cost many thousands of pounds per hour.
Hudaco Power Transmission has supplied every part of the food processing sector with products that deliver maximum working life and deal with the challenges of continuous production, temperature, moisture, hygiene and strict regulation. Whether it's low maintenance chain with food approved lubrication, or custom gearbox solutions for pasta production, we have the product range and engineering expertise to meet your requirements.

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Industrial gearboxes are at the heart of power plants performing vital functions such as driving the huge air preheaters, coal crushers and pulverisers, cooling tower fans, turbine drives and conveying systems etc. The efficient and reliable operation of these gear units is essential to the smooth running of the plant as a whole.

Hudaco Power Transmission has the expertise and application knowledge to provide a comprehensive range of products and services to the power generation industry.

This includes bespoke solutions for OEMs, the service and repair of installed units, even when obsolete, and the manufacture of replacement units that will fit perfectly into the footprint of the old one without any additional engineering work being required.

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Industrial gearboxes
Sugar Industry

Sugar Industry

At Hudaco Pawer Transmission, we cautiously designed our gear units to ensure a huge saving on sugar processing costs. We have many plants served across South Africa.

We have become the supplier of choice within the Sugar companies due to our cutting edges technology and path breaking innovation. We are backed by a proven track record, spanning well over six decades and driven by unwavering excellence, Hudaco Power Transmission is all set to meet the changing requirements of the Sugar industry and bring out technologically superior product from time to time.

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