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Derek Gilmore

Managing Director

Derek Gilmore Managing Director

Experienced Business leader with over 35 years of combined experience in the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering industries, a demonstrated history of successfully working across industry segments, as a great professional, with proven reputation internally and in front of customers.

Being easily adaptable and eager to learn; I cope well under pressure and enjoy a good challenge within ethical business practices.

I have a solid reputation for successful growth and development of sustainable business. I believe in creating a space for people to be at their best, keeping it simple, talk straight and often be supportive - that is the key to building a winning team and consistently growing the business.

Andrew Mowat

Operation Director

Andrew Mowat Operation Director

Andrew is a reputable leader in the industry, qualified Automotive Motor Tractor and Diesel Technician with over 30 years of combined work experience in the Automotive, Engineering and Industrial Industries. In His current role as Operations Director, he is the key architect of the company’s operations, including manufacturing. In addition, building on the company’s long-term, he has contributed to the development of pioneering power transmission solutions and components for Hudaco Power Transmission. He is a member of the company’s Executive Leadership Team, is a highly respected and talented Automotive motor expert who has successfully led and transformed the industry. In addition to being a highly experienced and innovative expert in his field, Andrew has a passion for driving an organization’s culture and values.

Prior to joining the Hudaco Power Transmission, Andrew started his career in the Automotive industry in late 80’s and in January 1990 he Joined Bauer within their internal sales then moved to the production division. During his tenure, Andrew has played a vital role, he oversaw the internal sales and service repairs division as well as put in place the production plan which decreased costs and increased productivity and output. He then became production Manager and was awarded company shares as part of appreciation reward for his commitment and excellent work.

In 2006 he joined Powermite, one of the Hudaco group companies as Production Manager running AMPCO (Manufacturing side of Powermite). After about a year, Andrew was then promoted to the General Manager position. 5 years later he was then promoted to Operations Director, responsible for running the manufacturing and two factories Powermite and AMPCO. He was then later offered the Managing Director position of Manufacturing at AMPCO and Proof Engineering. Due to management reshuffle, Andrew was given the Operations Director position again.

In 2020 He then joined Hudaco Power Transmission as Operations Director. He introduced the field services as added value to ensure that the team is more customer oriented and increase customer satisfaction.

Andrew holds various certifications in Automotive Motor Tractor and Diesel and Business Leadership programme from Gordons Institute of Business School (GIBS).

Kobus Groenewald

Sales Director

Kobus Groenewald Sales Director

Kobus is a detail-oriented Business leader, entrepreneur, qualified aircraft technician with over 30 years of combined work experience in the Aircraft, and Mechanical Engineering industries, with background experience of growing revenue for a South African-based engineering firm. Seeking to leverage leadership expertise in his current position as Sales Manager to improve quality, cost and time metrics for Hudaco Power Transmission.

Kobus started his career in the Aircraft industry in the late 80s, working at Denel Aviation as Aircraft Maintenance Technician, specialising in numerous component such as hydraulics, pneumatics, engines, turbines, aircraft turbine engine, aircraft undercarriages, gearboxes, rotary head and fuel control units. He then later joined Flender Geared Motors as a Field Service Technician responsible for full repair services, where he contributed to the expansion of the Service Division from 1 Service Technician to 4 Technicians, help designed the layout of the warehouse to facilitate an express line, reducing lead-times by 5 hours.

In 2010 Kobus was approached by Bauer Gear Motors, currently known as Hudaco Power Transmission to join the team as the Regional Representative and within 3 months he was then promoted to Production (Factory) Manager. In 2017 he was then promoted to his current position as Sales Manager. In the executive position that he holds, he uses his wide-spread areas of expertise such as Strategy, Marketing, and Business Development to drive transformation, decrease costs and deliver excellent results.

Kobus holds various certifications in Business Management from Wits Business School. Received mechanical training from various overseas institutions. He acquired training from France where he did Aircraft Fuel Control Units and Testing as well as in Germany where he took Specialised training on Motox and IGU Geared Units.

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