Quality Assurance

Hudaco Power Transmission’s facility, situated in Primrose Germiston, boasts a fully equipped assembly and repairs workshop that satisfies the client’s requirements for today’s highest expected service levels.

The German trained staff, with over 30 years of gearbox experience, ensures that all products leaving the facility has the Hudaco Power Transmission stamp of approval and has been proudly assembled by a Hudaco Power Transmission trained and approved technician.

sales department


Once an order for a new unit has been received by the sales department, the job card is sent through to stores for picking. The unit type, ratings and customer specifications are clearly indicated on the job card ensuring that all divisions are aware of any special requirements. The required parts are pulled and then transferred to the WIP area situated in the stores.

counter spare parts


Our store is fully stocked for quick and easy supply to either the assembly floor or for over-the-counter spare parts.

assembly workstation

Assembly area with qualified and experienced technicians

Once the assembly division is ready for the unit, the parts are then transferred to the assembly workstation for assembly. All labour and OEM parts are guaranteed for 12 months from date of despatch ex works.

Test facility


Test facility where all new and repaired units go through for mandatory testing All units assembled, whether new or repaired, goes through a no-load testing and quality check before final painting. Where possible, the units are test run where the amperage, output speed are compared to the job card. Oil leaks and general condition running are checked and, if passed, will be transferred to the paint shop. Each unit has a test certificate issued to it which is available on request.

spray booth

Fully functional spray booth with sufficient lighting and ventilation

All units are painted to the standard of Hudaco Power Transmission colour or to the customer’s specification. The spray-painting facility is set up to carry out even the most difficult painting specifications including Corro 3 type anti- corrosive coatings. Our spray booth is well ventilated and well luminated to ensure paint consistency over the unit’s surface area. Should the customer require it, paint thicknesses on the anti-corrosive coatings are recorded and a test certificate issued. Where necessary, cross cut tests are carried out to ensure that correct adhesion of the paint has occurred.

Despatch and final inspection

Despatch and final inspection area

Once all work has been completed, the unit is then transported to the packing area where it is prepared for transport. The unit is then moved to the despatch area ready for delivery or collection.

Hudaco Power Transmission offers a full condition evaluation inspection on site at the plant where the general condition is recorded, and a full report stating our recommendations is forwarded to the customer for their perusal. On site repairs can be carried out by our field service team should the customer require such. This is done once a full evaluation is carried out by the team. General Service and maintenance work can be carried out without a site inspection if required. All labour and OEM spares are guaranteed for a period of 12 months from date of repair.

The facility carries the ISO approval and follows the lean manufacturing processes of the 5S system. Hudaco Power Transmission’s reputation in the market of having one of the highest quality products available has stood the test of time.

Compact winding shop

Compact winding shop with over 30 years of expertise

Hudaco Power Transmission’s facility also incorporates an inhouse winding shop where all the company’ stators are wound to the original Hudaco Power Transmission specifications. The winding shop also has the expertise to carry out other manufacturer’s rewinds should there be a call for it. Windings are wound to insulation class F as a standard or to customers specifications where required.

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